Frequently Asked Questions

Plant Care

When should I water my new plant?

We recommend doing a quick moisture check. If the soil is still damp wait another day or two! Water when the soil feels dry!

Should I repot my plant upon arrival?

We recommend waiting 15-30 days before repotting your plant. Allowing the plant a period of time to adjust after stressful shipping is cruicial!

What substrates do you recommend?

We recommend for cuttings to use either a mixture of spagnum moss and perlite or fluval, otherwise we use a chunk aroid substrate!


Where do you ship from?

We ship directly from Beleaf Tropicals nursery in Southern Florida. Depending on the temperature locally and at the destination we may include insulation and/or heat packs.

Can you combine shipping for multiple plants?

Yes! As long as the orders have the same name and shipping addresses and we have not shipped your order yet, we are able to combine!

Do you guarantee live arrival of all plants?

We guarantee live arrival if all necessary precautions are taken!

During the winter months, sepcial precautions must be taken to prevent cold damage. If you do not upgrade your shipping and purchase heat/insulation as necessary we can not gaurantee!

If you have any issues with a plant from your order please take clear, well lit photos and contact us @beleaftropicals on Instagram or within 12 hours of delivery.

Store Information & Policies

What do I do if my plant comes in poor shape?

We do our best to ensure the plants have the most successful trip to their new home, however in the case of a major incident PLEASE reach out within 12 hours of delivery and include well lit, clear photos of the issue! We will do our best to resolve the issue!

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns or offer refunds.