Philodendron Red Sun vs Prince Of Orange

Philodendron Red Sun vs Prince Of Orange

Plants are vital in increasing oxygen and maintaining an excellent ecological condition. Many people love to know about plants because of make it their hobby or due to professional involvement with plants. Some people also want to know about plants because they want to change the decoration of their homes. Many people are shifting to the Philodendron Plant, which offers various plants from different breeds. 

However, in this guide, we will specifically talk about the differences between Philodendron red sun vs. Prince of Orange plants. Because many consumers want to buy these plants but need clarification about which plant can prove the right choice.

5 Mind-Blowing Differences Between Philodendron Red Sun VS. Prince Of Orange:

The following are the specific differences between Philodendron Red Sun vs. Prince of Orange you must consider.

Specific Shapes:

The first difference between the Philodendron Red Sun vs. Prince of Orange is to know about their specific shapes. The plant of Red Sun is heart-shaped, which leads to people being attracted to this plant. Its scientific name is red-leaf Philodendron. People who prefer a modern-shaped and well-trimmed plant choose the Red Sun plant.  On the other hand, people who are demanding a fashionable and interesting plant can choose the Philodendron Prince of Orange. A special kind of Philodendron.

Unique Transformation:

The second difference between Philodendron Red Sun vs. Prince of Orange is to know about their colors. The color of the Red Sun plant is a mixture of deep green and dark red colors. It is vital to know that the red color is more prominent on the undersurface of the leaves. People looking for an attractive plant for their indoors mostly prefer this plant because of its unique color combination. People who want a persistent colored plant go for Red Sun. 

On the other hand, Prince of Orange is a unique plant. Many people are surprised that this plant can face a unique transformation when it matures. When this plant is young, you can see that the color of this plant is orange, but over time. It can transform into a deep green color. People who prefer a unique blend of color transformation select Prince of Orange. 

Light Considerations:

The third difference is understanding the specific light considerations each plant requires to thrive. The Philodendron Red Sun plant grows when you keep it in a space where bright light energizes the leaves, but don’t forget to ensure that you don’t put it under direct sunlight because it requires indirect bright light. Keeping the Red Sun plant under direct sunlight for a prolonged period can damage the leaves and destroy the beauty of the plant. Knowing that the Red Sun plant can thrive even in moderate light is vital. 

On the other hand, the Prince of Orange also requires bright light but not direct light from the sun. Providing bright indirect light can help you increase the growth of your Philodendron Prince of Orange. But if you keep it in a lighter space, it can grow, but during this period. It can damage some leaves and even lose the sparkle that holds a vital importance. In attracting attention from other people. That’s why you must prefer a bright light for the healthy growth of your plant.

Water And Humidity Level:

The fourth difference is understanding the specific temperature and humidity requirements to ensure. You don’t cause any damage to your plants. The Red Sun and Philodendron Prince of Orange plants require soil that is not damp in water. A well-balanced soil with a moderate water level is preferred to ensure you’re not soaking the plants in the water. 

The Red Sun is a good option for medium to high-humidity areas. Like restrooms and places with naturally higher humidity levels. On the other hand, Prince of Orange is preferred in different spaces and humidity levels. Because you can use this plant efficiently in indoor and outdoor spaces. Don’t forget to check out the Philodendron Red Moon Variegated plant.


The fifth difference is that even though there are a lot of differences. Between the Red Sun and Orange Philodendron plants, you can use these plants in different spaces. Because they are adaptable to different temperatures, humidity levels, light preferences, etc. Their compact sizes make it the best option if you want to hang the plants in small pots. Or keep them on center tables, etc., but it all depends on a user's specific preferences and interests. 

Because some users require a shiny and dark plant while others prefer a plant with transformation features. However, maintaining both plants is easy. And you can do it with the help of a bit of pruning from time to time. 

Wrapping Up:

To wrap up, the differences between the Philodendron Red Sun vs. Prince of Orange. Understanding the particular appearance, transformation features, growth requirements, etc is vital. Because if a person has to choose a specific plant to increase the beauty of their indoors and outdoors. It is essential to have the proper knowledge to deal with different situations without panicking. If you want to purchase the different Philodendron plants, visit Beleaf Tropicals.

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